Lyn Pearless

Nurse Specialist
RN, BSc (Nursing)
Post Grad Certificate Critical Care MN (Hons)

Lyn has worked across a variety of nursing disciplines including psychiatric, plastic and bariatric surgery, oncology, gastroenterology, intensive care, and general.

For the past 7 years, Lyn has worked alongside fellow NZMU members Michael Hulme-Moir, Richard Harman, Richard Martin and Mike McCrystal in treating patients with Melanoma. Lyn aims to provide patients with a clear and informative pathway through their treatment programs and has a strong interest in a multidisciplinary, collaborative model of care. Lyn is also an expert in all wound management. As Lyn is involved in the NZMU’s multidisciplinary meeting, she will be a key driver in providing this type of care for all the unit’s patients. Lyn will also be responsible for the continual auditing of the NZMU’s service provision, with the aim of maintaining a centre of excellence model of care for the NZMU’s patients.


Phone: 021 238 8318